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    1 Welcome to the ZOO Project
    2 ==========================
     1ZOO Documentation
    4 ZOO is a WPS (Web Processing Service) open source project released under a :ref:`MIT/X-11 style license <license>`.
    5 It provides an OGC WPS compliant developer-friendly framework to create and chain WPS Web services.
    6 ZOO is made of three parts:
     4The ZOO Project documentation is under construction. Here are listed the available
     5docs on differents components of the ZOO Project. Feel free to use it and
     6help us to write it !
    8 - ZOO Kernel : A powerful server-side C Kernel which makes it possible to manage and chain
    9   Web services coded in different programming languages.
    10 - ZOO Services : A growing suite of example Web services based on various Open Source libraries.
    11   (get inspired !)
    12 - ZOO API : A server-side JavaScript API able to call and chain the ZOO Services, which makes the
    13   development and chaining processes easier.
     8- ZOO Kernel documentation
     9- ZOO Services documentation
     10- ZOO API documentation
    15 Powerful ZOO Kernel, that makes coffee
    16 --------------------------------------
    18 ZOO is based on a 'WPS Service Kernel' which constitutes the ZOO's core system (aka ZOO Kernel).
    19 The latter is able to load dynamic libraries and to handle them as on-demand Web services.
    20 The ZOO Kernel is written in C language, but supports several common programming languages in
    21 order to connect to numerous libraries and above all to simplify the Web service end-developer's job.
     15"Practical introduction to ZOO: The Open WPS Platform"
    23 Use the ZOO Services and make your own
    24 --------------------------------------
    26 A ZOO service is a link composed of a metadata file (.zcfg) and the code for the corresponding
    27 implementation. The metadata file describes all the available functions which can be called using
    28 a WPS Exec Request, as well as the desired input/output. Services contain the algorithms and functions,
    29 and can now be implemented in C/C++, Fortran, Java, Python, PHP, Perl and JavaScript.
    31 Easy implementation with the ZOO API
    32 ------------------------------------
    34 The ZOO API is a simple and concise JavaScript library designed to call and chain the ZOO Services
    35 easily, and adds the capability to define logic in the chaining of your ZOO Services.
     17- Wiki Material in english or in japanese.
     18- ODT or PDF Material in english, japanese,  italian.
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