and .

Mar 8, 2011:

20:56 Changeset [119]
add default sphinx template
20:06 Ticket #18 (Sudo privileges on ZOO Project server) closed by djay
fixed: Jeff, now it should work now. Please feel free to re-open this ticket …
18:11 Ticket #19 (Create new Trac component: Documentation) closed by nickboz
17:43 Ticket #19 (Create new Trac component: Documentation) created by jmckenna
- need to create a new Trac component named Documentation - owner …
17:36 Ticket #18 (Sudo privileges on ZOO Project server) created by jmckenna
I need to install Sphinx on the ZOO Project server, but my username …
16:20 Changeset [118]
add directory for docs

Feb 17, 2011:

04:27 ZooWebSite/ZooProject/Sponsors edited by djay

Feb 16, 2011:

03:10 Changeset [117] by djay
Fix zcfg.
02:15 Changeset [116] by djay
Fix make clean.
02:11 Changeset [115] by djay
Cleanup CGAL Services Provider code and makefile, add the Voronoi.zcfg.
01:08 ZooWebSite/Demo/CGAL edited by djay

Feb 15, 2011:

14:52 ZooWebSite/Menu edited by djay
Add the CGAL Demo to the menu .… (diff)
14:26 ZooWebSite/Demo/CGALJs edited by djay
14:26 ZooWebSite/Demo/CGALJs edited by djay
Remove the older jquery and use the default one in the main template (diff)
14:23 ZooWebSite/Demo/CGALJs edited by djay
14:19 ZooWebSite/Demo/CGALJs edited by djay
Add the cgal-demo.js file. (diff)
14:07 ZooWebSite/Demo/CGALJs edited by djay
Have to attach the cgal-demo.js to this page. (diff)
13:58 ZooWebSite/Demo/CGAL edited by djay
13:57 ZooWebSite/Demo/CGAL edited by djay
13:55 ZooWebSite/Demo/CGAL created by djay
Test CGAL Demo page
13:50 ZooWebSite/Demo/CGALJs created by djay

Feb 12, 2011:

16:14 Changeset [114] by djay
Code cleanup to avoid most of the warning messages at compilation time.

Feb 11, 2011:

11:06 PSC/meetings edited by venka
10:39 PSC/meetings edited by venka
10:32 Sponsorship edited by venka
10:31 Sponsorship edited by venka
10:23 Sponsorship edited by venka
10:20 Sponsorship edited by venka
09:38 PSC/meetings/PSCMeet11 edited by nickboz
09:37 PSC/meetings/PSCMeet11 edited by nickboz
09:35 PSC/meetings/PSCMeet11 created by nickboz
02:51 PSC/meetings edited by venka
02:41 PSC/meetings/PSCMeet9 edited by venka

Feb 9, 2011:

17:56 ZooDocumentation/ZOOAPI edited by djay
Update kml link. (diff)
17:47 Changeset [113] by djay
Update README file to point to the Installation wiki page.
17:44 ZooDocumentation/ZOOKernel edited by djay
Add the new ZOOKernel/Installation wiki link (diff)
17:41 ZooDocumentation/ZOOKernel/Installation created by djay
Use wiki pages rather than README files, README files will be modified …
15:37 Changeset [112] by djay
Add a README File for the ZOO-Kernel and small fix in configure.ac for …
12:41 Changeset [111] by djay
Creating release branch 1.2
12:31 Ticket #16 (JavaScript package on Ubuntu) closed by djay
fixed: Revision #110 solve this issue. Thank you David for …

Feb 8, 2011:

21:05 Changeset [110] by david
-bug fix http://zoo-project.org/trac/ticket/16#comment:4

Feb 7, 2011:

17:29 ZooWebSite/ZooProject/Tribe edited by djay
17:28 ZooWebSite/ZooProject/Tribe edited by djay
10:23 Changeset [109] by djay
Correct void functions. Special thanks to Angelos Tzotsos for pointing …
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