and .

May 19, 2011:

21:55 ZooWebSite/ZooProject/Events edited by djay
Fix SIG LL event as past event (diff)
19:21 ZooWebSite/ZooProject/Events edited by lucadelu
some style corrections (diff)
19:03 ZooWebSite/ZooProject/Events edited by lucadelu
add presentation in Prague (diff)

May 18, 2011:

23:14 ZooWebSite/ZooProject/Events edited by djay
English link (diff)
15:16 PSC/meetings/PSCMeet13 edited by venka
15:12 PSC/meetings/PSCMeet13 edited by venka
14:27 PSC/meetings/PSCMeet13 created by venka
14:24 PSC/meetings edited by venka

May 14, 2011:

13:24 ZooWebSite/Demo/FormToolsJs edited by djay
Correct OpenLayers? path (diff)
13:22 ZooWebSite/Demo/GdalProfileJs edited by djay
Correct OpenLayers? path (diff)
13:17 ZooWebSite/Demo/CGALJs edited by djay
Correct OpenLayers? path (diff)
13:16 ZooWebSite/Demo/SpatialToolsJs edited by djay
Correct OpenLayers? path (diff)

May 6, 2011:

21:32 Changeset [213] by jmckenna
minor change
21:20 Changeset [212] by jmckenna
add CentOS notes
20:24 Changeset [211] by jmckenna
add OpenSuse? notes
19:55 ZooKernel/Embed/PHP edited by jmckenna
19:53 ZooKernel/Embed/PHP edited by jmckenna
19:52 ZooKernel/Embed/PHP edited by jmckenna
update for readability (diff)
19:41 ZooKernel/Embed/PHP edited by jmckenna
18:55 Changeset [210] by jmckenna
add notes about libcgic step and warning
14:08 ZooWebSite/ZooProject/Events edited by djay
Add th official program page and add the fixed date for the talk. (diff)

May 5, 2011:

00:37 Ticket #26 (Need .mbox archive for zoo-discuss) created by jmckenna
- I'm in the process of creating a nabble.com forum for zoo-discuss - …
00:15 ZooWebSite/ZooKernel/InstallationNew edited by djay
Add section to compile libcgic to the compilation procedure for win32 … (diff)
00:02 ZooDocumentation/ZOOKernel/Installation edited by djay
Add section about the libcgic section to the compilation procedure (diff)

May 4, 2011:

23:55 Ticket #25 (Add libcgic compile step to official docs) created by djay
We need to add ASAP a section to any compilation procedure …
23:08 Ticket #24 (Manually add nabble address to mailing list) closed by djay
fixed: Jeff, many thanks for your tile and work on ZOO-Project. I've …
22:41 Changeset [209] by jmckenna
minor wording change
22:32 Changeset [208] by jmckenna
change usage wording to 'To enable xxx support..'
22:02 Ticket #24 (Manually add nabble address to mailing list) created by jmckenna
- I am creating a nabble.com mailing list archive for zoo-discuss - …
20:37 Changeset [207] by jmckenna
minor formatting

Apr 29, 2011:

17:37 Changeset [206] by jmckenna
add ZCFG Reference doc
14:45 Changeset [205] by jmckenna
14:39 Changeset [204] by jmckenna
point to class doc
13:28 ZooDocumentation/ZOOKernel/DebianLike_installation edited by lucadelu
add some tested OS (diff)
13:19 ZooDocumentation/ZOOKernel edited by lucadelu
change link name (diff)

Apr 28, 2011:

22:08 Ticket #15 (ZOO API docs needed) closed by jmckenna
fixed: - all ZOO API classes are now documented: …
22:00 Changeset [203] by jmckenna
change TOC depth in the latex/pdf output
21:24 Changeset [202] by jmckenna
change TOC depth
21:14 Changeset [201] by jmckenna
add ZOO.Process doc
19:50 Changeset [200] by jmckenna
add ZOO.Geometry.MultiPolygon? doc
19:42 Changeset [199] by jmckenna
add ZOO.Geometry.Polygon doc
19:28 Changeset [198] by jmckenna
add ZOO.Geometry.MultiLineString? doc
19:20 Changeset [197] by jmckenna
add ZOO.Geometry.LinearRing? doc
18:10 Changeset [196] by jmckenna
add ZOO.Geometry.LineString? doc

Apr 27, 2011:

23:04 Changeset [195] by jmckenna
add ZOO.Geometry.Curve doc
22:49 Changeset [194] by jmckenna
add ZOO.Geometry.MultiPoint? doc
22:31 Changeset [193] by jmckenna
add ZOO.Geometry.Surface doc
22:27 Changeset [192] by jmckenna
add 'inherits from' missing text
22:11 Changeset [191] by jmckenna
add ZOO.Geometry.Point doc

Apr 26, 2011:

20:20 Changeset [190] by jmckenna
add ZOO.Geometry.Collection doc
20:06 Changeset [189] by jmckenna
minor change to description of getGeodesicLength()
19:45 Changeset [188] by jmckenna
minor change to description of calculateBounds()
19:06 Changeset [187] by jmckenna
add ZOO.Geometry doc
18:32 Changeset [186] by jmckenna
add missing functions
18:20 Changeset [185] by jmckenna
add ZOO.Feature doc
17:55 Changeset [184] by jmckenna
add ZOO.Format.WPS doc
16:34 ZooWebSite/WelcomeJs edited by nickboz
15:19 ZooWebSite/WelcomeJs edited by nickboz
15:02 ZooWebSite/WelcomeJs edited by nickboz
14:59 ZooWebSite/Welcome edited by nickboz
14:25 ZooWebSite/WelcomeJs edited by djay
fix typo (diff)
14:20 ZooWebSite/Welcome edited by djay
14:19 ZooWebSite/WelcomeJs edited by djay
14:17 ZooWebSite/WelcomeJs edited by djay
14:17 ZooWebSite/Welcome edited by djay
14:15 ZooWebSite/WelcomeJs edited by djay
14:06 ZooWebSite/Welcome edited by djay
13:54 ZooWebSite/Welcome edited by nickboz
13:53 ZooWebSite/WelcomeJs edited by nickboz
13:52 ZooWebSite/WelcomeJs edited by nickboz
13:52 ZooWebSite/WelcomeJs edited by nickboz
13:51 ZooWebSite/WelcomeJs created by nickboz

Apr 23, 2011:

16:15 Changeset [183] by jmckenna
add ZOO.Format.GML docs
15:21 Changeset [182] by jmckenna
correct description of parseGeometry.envelope function

Apr 21, 2011:

20:55 Changeset [181] by jmckenna
add ZOO.Format.KML doc
10:17 PSC/meetings/PSCMeet12 edited by markusn
10:16 PSC/meetings/PSCMeet12 edited by markusn
attendee names added (diff)
09:56 PSC/meetings/PSCMeet12 edited by djay
Add minutes (diff)
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