and .

Dec 30, 2020:

16:43 ZooWebSite/2015/Code/Download edited by djay
16:33 Changeset [981] by djay
Create tag and update branch for 1.8.0 release
16:30 Changeset [980] by djay
Remove wrong tag and set 1.8.0 version in configure.ac and Makefile.in
16:18 Changeset [979] by djay
Update branch and create tag for the 1.8.0 release
16:13 Changeset [978] by djay
Add missing files and small fix for windows support

Dec 22, 2020:

18:52 Changeset [977] by djay
Add also libjson-c…
18:37 Changeset [976] by djay
Add service_json.obj to zcfg2yaml
18:12 Changeset [975] by djay
Use zMkdir for building on windows
14:52 Changeset [974] by djay
Fix typo
14:41 Changeset [973] by djay
Include caching.h on win32 or when json is activated and define …
12:11 Changeset [972] by djay
Small fix to build when json is activated and mapserver is not

Dec 18, 2020:

20:33 ZooWebSite/2015/Code/Download edited by djay
20:30 Downloads2 edited by djay
20:28 ZooWebSite/2015/Code/Download edited by djay
20:27 Downloads2 edited by djay
20:13 Changeset [971] by djay
Created branch/tags for the 1.8.0 release candidate 1
20:01 Release/1.8.0/Notes created by djay
19:44 Changeset [970] by djay
Fix version in documentation
19:40 Changeset [969] by djay
Add statusInfos directory to get the job list printed properly.
19:11 Changeset [968] by djay
Add websocketd container to docker-compose and make the OGC API - …
14:13 Changeset [967] by djay
Add support for the two inputs / outputs syntaxes discussed in SWG in …

Dec 10, 2020:

15:54 ZooWebSite/2015/ZOO-Project/ZOO-Tribe edited by venka
15:45 PSC/meetings/PSCMeet22 edited by venka
15:44 PSC/meetings/PSCMeet22 edited by venka
15:43 PSC/meetings/PSCMeet22 edited by venka
15:42 PSC/meetings/PSCMeet22 edited by venka
15:41 PSC/meetings/PSCMeet23 edited by venka
15:39 PSC/meetings edited by venka
15:37 PSC/meetings/PSCMeet23 edited by venka
15:37 PSC/meetings/PSCMeet23 edited by venka
15:35 PSC/meetings/PSCMeet23 created by venka

Dec 7, 2020:

18:51 PSC/meetings/PSCMeet22 edited by jmckenna
18:50 PSC/meetings/PSCMeet22 edited by jmckenna
13:30 PSC/meetings/PSCMeet22 edited by venka

Nov 30, 2020:

10:30 PSC edited by venka
10:25 PSC/meetings/PSCMeet21 edited by venka
10:24 PSC/meetings/PSCMeet22 edited by venka
10:23 PSC/meetings/PSCMeet22 edited by venka
10:22 PSC/meetings/PSCMeet22 edited by venka
09:58 PSC/meetings/PSCMeet21 edited by venka
09:57 PSC/meetings/PSCMeet21 edited by venka
09:54 PSC/meetings/PSCMeet22 created by venka
09:53 PSC/meetings edited by venka
09:48 PSC/meetings edited by venka
09:42 PSC/meetings edited by venka
09:41 PSC/meetings/PSCMeet18 edited by venka
09:38 PSC/meetings/PSCMeet18 edited by venka
09:34 PSC/meetings edited by venka
09:31 PSC/meetings edited by venka
09:26 PSC/meetings/PSCMeet21 edited by venka
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