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    11= PSC meeting 11 =
    3 The PSC meeting will be held on in the [irc:// #zoo-project] channel. If some IRC problem occur, the meeting will be exceptionally held on Skype.
     3The PSC meeting was held on in the [irc:// #zoo-project] channel. If some IRC problem occur, the meeting will be exceptionally held on Skype.
    55== Date ==
    2828== Summary ==
    30 to be added
     30The PSC meeting was held on in the [irc:// #zoo-project] channel, on 16 February 2011, [ 22:00:00 UTC time]
     325 ZOO-PSC members attended thhis meeting.
     34* Discussion on the ZOO 1.2.0 release
     36 * ZOO/GRASS bridge feedbacks
     38The GRASS7 support was discussed and the work on both Kernel and QGIS WPS-Plugin was explained. Gerald provided the url for using ZOO from QGIS ( . Jeff proposed a vote and PSC members agreed that further testing saw needed on the GRASS support on both Web or QGIS interface. No feedbacks were reported yet.
     40 * Java support enhancement feedbacks
     42Gerald explained the work done with Yoshida-san on the use of the JIT compiler from the Java Vituel Machine to enhance the performance of Java ZOO services. Yoshida)san implemented GoGPS as a ZOO Service using this support, for his ZOO related phD work.
     44 * ZOO available on openSuse: Now needs packages for other distros
     45The work from Angelos Tzotsos for packaging ZOO Kernel into OpenSuse package was discussed. PSC members then agreed that some other common distribution packages should be made available after the 1.2 release.
     47 * ZOO API docs available
     49The work started by reluc on Natural Docs for the ZOO-API was explained. PSC members agreed that the work should be polished, or directly port into Sphinx and the upcoming official doc system.
     51* Using Sponsorship fundings
     53 * ZOO@OSGeo Code Sprint (Montreal, CA) > Dev Plan
     55The use of part of the sponsorship to pay for Gerald and Nick travel expense to MTL CS was approved. PSC members agreed that a CS dev plan should be set up and added to the ZOO Project roadmap.
     57 * Improve documentation
     59Discussions occured on Sphinx and Trac/Wiki sytems, and PSC members voted +1 for a mixed website system base on Sphinx and Trac/Wiki. PSC members also agreed that part of the sponsorship could be used for improving documenation, and that work should start on Feb 21st.
     61* After 1.2 release
     63The last agenda item was discussed and PSC members agreed that this discussion should continue on ML or IRC, after 1.2 is released
     65 * Include some ZOO/GRASS demo on the website
     67PSC members agreed that some ZOO-GRASS demos and tutorial were needed to be added on the website , after 1.2 is released.
     69Some side discussions occured and the meeting was closed.
     71For more details, the irc log is available here:


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