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(edit) @967   4 years djay Add support for the two inputs / outputs syntaxes discussed in SWG in …
(edit) @966   4 years djay Fix issue in kvParseInput when memory!=load and handle session from …
(edit) @962   4 years djay Update OGC API - Processes documentation and implementation, providing …
(edit) @957   4 years knut Added function for allocating memory for map values …
(edit) @946   5 years djay Add the optional handleText parameter in the main section of the …
(edit) @940   5 years djay Small change
(edit) @939   5 years djay Fix const decelaration to build on windows, pass full children content …
(edit) @938   5 years djay Find cdata block when not the first child
(edit) @917   5 years djay Merge prototype-v0 branch in trunk
(edit) @889   6 years knut Added some new logging functionality (function logMessage(), macros …
(edit) @870   6 years djay Add default string dataType to LiteralData? if none is defined.
(edit) @869   6 years djay Small change in parse request to handle LiteralData? value.
(edit) @866   6 years djay Fix issue #163.
(edit) @836   7 years jmckenna properly initialize constant on Windows (ticket#159)
(edit) @802   8 years djay Fix issue with embedded xml values for WPS 2.0.0.
(edit) @797   8 years djay Return an ExceptionReport? in case any inpts failed to be downloaded.
(edit) @794   8 years djay Add the initial C# language support.
(edit) @790   8 years djay Add support for nested inputs and outputs.
(edit) @781   8 years djay Fix issue #140
(edit) @756   8 years djay Remove prefix for storeSupported and statusSupported for 1.0.0. Fix …
(edit) @745   9 years djay Fix issue when XML request contains empty nodes for inputs
(edit) @725   9 years djay Fix issue with rst files displayed from Trac. Fix strings to be …
(edit) @705   9 years djay Fix r703, where only COMMITERS should be commited.
(edit) @703   9 years djay Add SVN Admin status in COMMITERS.
(edit) @695   9 years djay Do not set header to NULL in addRequestToQueue, it should already …
(edit) @680   9 years djay Various fixes for Windows support: generate uuid using UuidCreate?, …
(edit) @654   9 years djay Initial support for WPS 2.0.0 including the Dismiss extension.
(edit) @640   9 years djay First version including zoo_service shared library
(edit) @631   9 years djay Add readBase64 function, avoid calling it prior to fork . Add …
(edit) @629   9 years djay Initialize header curl_slist becore calling curl_slist_append.
(edit) @628   9 years djay Fix for downloading content for simple GET requests, taking order into …
(edit) @627   9 years djay Fix issue for downloaded inputs which support multiple values.
(edit) @626   9 years djay Remove memory leak in parser_request.
(edit) @625   9 years djay Fix in JS ZOO-API for accessing reference(s).
(edit) @623   9 years djay Fix issue when adding map with size in a map array.
(edit) @622   9 years djay Avoid issue with declaration in loop.
(add) @621   9 years djay Major update. Creation of a basic parsing api. Call validateRequest …
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