PSC meeting 6


8 Sept 2010, 7:45 am

Face2Face, Barcelona @ FOSS4G 2010




Meeting from 7:55 am to 8:55 am, conference hall.

1 ) First we welcomed Maria Antonia BROVELLI as a new PSC member: Welcome on board Maria !

2 ) Then we started to discuss about the feedbacks from the Workshop, then from the WPS BOF which was proposed by Venka.

3 ) Then we continue on presenting the current status of the ZOO Project including :

a) Workshop Material,

b) Future Translation in Italian (thanks to Luca Delucchi),

c) SVN source tree which wasn't available yet except in the Workshop Material,

4 ) Then we planned the future of the ZOO Project including : Perl support (shall be supported really soon as announced during this PSC meeting), C# support,

5 ) Then we stated that the Sponsorship of the ZOO Project will cost 1000 $US per year for standard sponsoring. For example, standard sponsoring should be 1000$ and that premium sponsoring could be setup at 2000/3000$

6 ) We invited PSC which come from university to make them establishment as knowledge partner for the ZOO Project (sponsoring which is obviously free of charge),

7 ) We talked about interacting with other projects : QGIS and MapServer? mainly, also GRASS community interaction is suggestion to give back.

8 ) We spoke about the next Google Summer of code and the way to get a ZOO Project Google summer of code project, Daniel will help us in this work as he got already experiences doing similar work for the PgRouting project.

9 ) We briefly discussed about prospects of using ZOO to offer commercial services

10 ) PSC ended


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